Post-Purchase Inspections

If you find yourself wishing that you hadn’t skipped inspections when you purchased your home, the certified inspectors at Alert Inspection Services offer post-purchase home inspections that will help you catch problems early.

Most prospective buyers choose to have a home inspection included as a contingency in their offer. However, a competitive housing market may compel buyers to skip the routine home inspection in an effort to get a leg up on the competition.

While insisting on a quality home inspection is always the better option, our post-purchase inspection can help you get a better understanding of your home’s health and create a proactive approach to any problems that are bound to arise.

As well as highlighting any problem areas early, our certified inspectors will offer suggestions on how to maintain your home over time, including how to avoid costly damages and protect your home’s resale value.

Many problems may seem minor at the time when in reality, they could be signs of bigger problems down the road. Our experienced home inspectors will help to identify which problems are minor, which are ones to watch and which ones should be addressed right away. 

Providing you with a referral list of reliable contractors to help you with repairs and other services, you can rest assured that your dream home can continue to be just that.

Don’t live with the nagging feeling that a home inspection was the way you should’ve gone. Give yourself peace of mind with our affordable home inspection solution today.

For more information about post-purchase home inspections from the experts at Alert Inspection Services, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.662.6990.