Radon Testing

At Alert Inspection Services, we believe in keeping you, your family, your employees and your customers safe from dangerous things — even those that are invisible. That’s why it’s important to make sure your property is tested for radon gas. 

The second leading cause of lung cancer, radon is a naturally occurring gas that is invisible and can’t be seen or smelled. If left untreated, radon can have damaging effects on anyone who enters and spends time within the structure.

Since radon emanates from the soil, it doesn’t matter if a property is old or new, and many properties have elevated levels of radon. Radon leaks in through your home’s foundation, and below ground walls and floors. Radon often leaks through openings in your home’s foundation, floors and walls. Without a way to detect radon and remediate it, the toxic gas can slowly build up, greatly increasing the risk of radon exposure.

While it is difficult to detect, radon gas can easily be brought to safe levels. If your home tests high for radon — at or above the EPA ‘s action level of 4.0 pCi/L — effective mitigation systems that reduce radon levels can be installed in less than a day by qualified local contractors.

Using a continuous radon monitoring device, our experienced inspectors will check your home’s radon levels to make sure they are acceptable. If they are over the action level we will refer you to a qualified local radon mitigation contractor.

In addition to inspecting for radon before buying any property, it is a great idea to have a radon test done prior to selling your home as well. This will give prospective buyers more peace of mind while also giving your listing a leg up on the competition, knowing your home has a clean bill of health.

Besides testing at the time of a property sale or purchase, it is advisable to test if any significant changes are made to the home, such as replacing windows, adding insulation or finishing the basement. This enables you to catch any signs of radon early, as your property settles, potentially causing new cracks or gaps for the toxic gas to enter.

Radon can have detrimental effects, but with the right team of professionals, we can test your property quickly and provide you with the right solutions to ensure everyone’s safety.

For more information about radon testing from the experts at Alert Inspection Services, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.662.6990.